Help Me Choose The Right Plan

My Smart Mailbox will give you the option to choose from two different types of plans.
You can choose the Package forwarding plan, the Mail forwarding plan, or both.

Package Forwarding Plan

If you need a US address to receive and forward packages to you from US based online stores or any other seller who does not ship internationally, you should choose from one of our Package forwarding plans.

Mail Forwarding Plan

If you need a new mailing address to receive personal or business mail or occasionally a package, you should choose from one of our Mail scanning plans.
Note : You will need to send us a notarized USPS 1583 form and a copy of 2 forms of IDs if you subscribe to this plan.

Please note that Mail scanning plans do not include mail consolidation services. (Repack and send packages together to save money on postage). If you would like to add a package consolidation service to your Mail scanning plan, you will need to subscribe to both plans.