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Register for US based mailing

 Register for US based mailing

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Shop in any US based online store and have your packages shipped to us.
Register for mail scanning services and have your mail forwarded to us.

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We will forward your packages to your domestic or international address.
We will scan and upload your mail into your secure online mailbox.

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Package Forwarding Plans

Basic Plan
Free/ No monthly fee
No Setup Fee
Smart Mailbox Plan
$10/month or $50/year
No Setup Fee

Mail Scanning Plans

Plan Setup Fee Monthly Fee # of Scans Included Price per Additional Scan
Pay per Scan $9.99 $1.99 0 $0.99
Starter $0 $9.95 80 $0.99
Individual $0 $19.95 160 $0.99
Family $0 $29.95 240 $0.99
Small Business $0 $39.95 320 $0.99

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Can’t receive packages internationally from your favorite online store in the US? We can help you! Do you travel a lot or need a US mailing address for business or personal use? You can register for package forwarding services, mail scanning services or both. Please check our Features/Compare plans section to help you choose which plan will be right for you.


Use your new US address as your shipping address when you are shopping online. Use your new mailing address to receive your mail or magazines.


We can forward your individual package or consolidate and repack your packages into one bigger shipment to save you a significant amount of money on the postage. If you choose to sign up for mail scanning services, we will upload your mail into your secure online mailbox. Please refer our FAQ for more information.